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The heart of our company

Reinhard Schweitzer

Company Founder

"A 2-line ad in the newspaper changed my career. As an importer of dispensers from a Dutch company, I took the first step into self-employment, development did not stop there, and soon the dispensers were replaced with fully automatic machines. Recurring customer requests for a larger selection of coffee were the starting point of our company and are today the driving force behind innovations. "

Stefan Schweitzer


Stefan Schweitzer is the CEO of the company. For him, a partnership with the customer is very important, but also within the company, he relies on personality and family. Working in our company is fun for him, because "you can see what you are working for".

Karin Schwinghammer

Head of Production

"Right from the start the company had a very wide range of activities, which enabled me to optimally develop my personality, which helped me to consistently accompany the path of Schweitzer, because of its innovative products, my view is positive for the future and I'm looking forward to more challenges. "

Ines Zinsler

Back Office

"Since January 2018 I already support the team. Getting to know the different areas of the company, always new challenges, but also the contact with customers and suppliers make working in the company exciting and interesting."