Our range of products consists of two divisions:

On the one hand we supply instant coffee, instant cocoa, vending cups, coffee creamer, skimmed milk, tea, punch and rumcao to the INDUSTRY and VENDING MACHINE OPERATORS.

On the other hand we provide products for the retail/wholesale industry and therefore the FINAL CONSUMER: we were being the first to create an organic and FAIRTRADE-certified iced coffee "Café Bio" and iced chocolate drink "Choco Bio". In 2012, we re-launched the dairy drinks and introduced them in the environment-friendly carton can. Furthermore, we offer Café Bio as instant coffee filled in PET cans of 100 g and sachets of 1,8 g (3 flavours: classic, intensive, decaffeinated). Our two other coffee brands are called Café Africa and Wiener Gold, both of them filled in PET cans of 100 g. Furthermore, we offer organic and FAIRTRADE-certified cane sugar and Choco Bio as hot chocolate powder in different flavours.

We are a very FLEXIBLE company - no customer is too big or too small for us. To individualize your products, we can provide them under your PRIVATE LABEL, even very small amounts are possible.

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